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How Will We Know the Way? is a reading guide for the New Testament. The initial chapter considers two topics that impact understanding and use of the Bible: Canonicity—that is the determination of the specific writings that are included in the Bible; and, the Lectionary—the choice of the readings from the Bible that are proclaimed in many Christian churches each Sunday. The following chapters are devoted to an overview of the twenty-seven books in the New Testament.


This monograph includes a discussion of the Catholic Church's approach to study of the Bible and how that approach changed dramatically in the middle of the twentieth century. Following the introductory material, close to half of this monograph is devoted to a discussion of the four gospels. The sources for the first three gospels—commonly called the synoptic gospels—are discussed at length and supplemented with several tables that show side by side which parables, miracle stories and major events of Jesus’ ministry appear in each of these gospels. Special attention is given to the community that gave us John’s gospel as well as the three epistles attributed to John, with comments on how and why these writings differ from the other books in the New Testament.

Following the discussion of the gospels, the second area of concentration is the thirteen letters written by or attributed to Paul. These include the oldest books in the New Testament. They were written to provide concrete direction to the early church communities on how to implement Jesus' teachings. To round out this monograph, chapters are also devoted to the Acts of the Apostles, the Book of Revelation and the non-Pauline epistles. An outline of each book of the New Testament is included with the related discussion to help the reader better understand and appreciate each of the twenty-seven books that together make up the New Testament.

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Special Features

  • Charts of the 27 books of the New Testament arranged by: Cannon Sequence; Year Written; and Length.
  • Outlines of each of the 27 books.
  • Diagram and explanation of the relation of the three Synoptic Gospels; charts comparing the material found in these three Gospels; and lists of the material that is unique in each Gospel.
  • Charts comparing some of the miracle stories, selected parables, and the passion account in all four Gospels.
  • Special chapter on Paul, author of seven on the Epistles, with charts comparing the structural elements of these letters.
  • Appendix containing the entire Gospel of Thomas, one of the non-canonical Gospels.
  • Appendix comparing the language in seven of the most popular English translations of the Bible.