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Living Symbols, Living Faith

Exploring Pathways to God presents a very basic understanding of the science and art of theology and discusses the ways in which Christian and specifically Catholic doctrines were codified and taught. This book presents the people (theologians) who, through their prayer and study, determined and articulated the tenets of Chrisitan faith.

Also included are brief descriptions of the process and teachings of the Ecumenical Councils that have promulgated most of the key doctrines of the faith. Exploring Pathways, along with the other books in the Left Coast® Monograph series, is designed for shared group discussion, as well as for personal reading and reference.


This is very much a “head” book that will help the reader see how reason and mind power can help in better understanding faith; recognizing, however, that faith remains a free gift from a loving God—a great and mysterious gift we can never fully understand. Ultimately, all we can do in our heart is be thankful that this gift has been given to us and recognize that each one of us understands God somewhat differently.

The first chapter in Exploring Pathways is a brief discussion of how the Catholic Faith has been passed on from Jesus’ Resurrection to the present day, with emphasis on how Catholicism came to and was taught in the United States. This is followed by a general overview of theology and chapters on two key doctrines of faith: Trinity and Incarnation.

This book then looks at the development of Chrisitan theology in five discreet time periods and shows how theological thought has developed and changed over time. The lives and teachings of 100 plus theologians are examined starting with some of the authors of the New Testament and ending with a number of theologians who are still teaching today.

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The last two chapters deal with the 21 Ecumenical Councils with special attention directed to the most recent: Vatican Council II.

Special Features

  • Demographic and other statistical data to help gauge the significance of the information presented.
  • Complete guide to identifying and finding underlying documents and other sources that were used to formulate present church doctrines and dogmas.
  • Lists of some of the most prominent theologians of each era.
  • List of the 35 saints who have been accorded the title Doctor of the Church. Each of the Doctors is described in his/her relevant time period.
  • Special attention to Thomas Aquinas and his extensive writings.
  • Some of the most pressing questions facing the institutional Catholic Church are presented throughout the book with the author’s analysis of these issues included in the Afterword.