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Bread and Wine Blessed and Shared

Bread and Wine Blessed and Shared is a review of the various rites and rituals that have surrounded the celebration of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church from its founding by the apostles shortly after Jesus' death and resurrection up to the present day. An initial chapter presents and describes the present organization of the Institutional Catholic Church, followed by chapters on the Theology of the Eucharist and New Testament Commensality.

Bread and Wine goes on to describe the development of Eucharistic Ritual in the Apostolic and earliest church communities. Subsequent chapters detail how these rituals continued to develop over the centuries and how they are practiced today in the twenty-three autonomous Catholic Churches. The rites and rituals in the Western (Latin) Catholic Church are presented alongside the five ritual traditions that are practiced in the twenty-two Eastern Catholic Churches. This book, along with the others in the Left Coast® Monograph series, is designed for shared group discussion, as well as for personal reading and reference.


This monograph starts with a detailed description of the Catholic Church’s operating structure. Since Eucharistic rituals differ significantly within and between the Western Church and the Eastern Churches it is helpful for the reader to have an understanding of how the Catholic Church is structured—this sets the ground work for understanding how Eucharist, while the one and the same sacrament central to all Catholics, can be celebrated in such diverse ways.

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After the chapters on Theology and Commensality, individual chapters are devoted to the principal ritual traditions. For the Western Church, the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite (the rite celebrated today by over 90 percent of the world’s one billion plus Catholics), often referred to as the post-Vatican II Mass, is described in detail. The other rituals in the Western Church are also described including the Latin language Tridentine Mass now referred to as the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Likewise the Eastern Catholic Churches' five liturgical traditions—Alexandrian, Antiochian, Armenian, Byzantine and Chaldean—are each described, with the most detailed description accorded the Byzantine Rite—the Rite practiced by the majority of Eastern Catholics as well as Eastern Orthodox Christians. The book concludes with a summary and overview of all of today’s Eucharistic Rituals and some thoughts about the impact of Eucharist as a force that today divides the Christian World, despite the clear biblical direction that Eucharist should be the force that unites all Christians.

Special Features

  • Glossary of the most often encountered Greek and Latin terms, as well as many unique “church speak” words.
  • Organization chart of the Catholic Church, supplemented with a brief narrative description of the principal offices of the Holy See.
  • Brief histories of all the present Eastern Catholic Rite Churches.
  • Side-by-side comparison of the structure of the Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) and the Ordinary Form (Post-Vatican II) of the Roman Rite Mass.
  • Numerous charts of the various Western and Eastern rituals and churches.
  • Map of the Ritual Foundation Churches.