Left Coast® Monographs

The Left Coast® Monographs provide background information for Christians wanting to know more about their faith and its beliefs and practices. While written from the perspective of the Catholic tradition, the author is keenly aware of the common roots of all Chrisitan denominations and, where appropriate, comments are included covering aspects of the Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant traditions.

Christians of all denominations today face problems in their own tradition and are also aware of the problems that other traditions face. The more we know about our faith, the easier it is to understand the problems we face and even see possible resolutions to our concerns and our differences.

Faith can never be fully explained on a purely rational basis, but knowledge can help us to appreciate our faith, a faith that is a free gift from our God.

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Catholic Church Milestones

Catholic Church Milestones
People and Events That Shaped the Institutional Church

Bread and Wine, Blessed and Shared

Bread and Wine
Blessed and Shared

The Structure of the Catholic Church and Its Eucharistic Rites

How Will We Know the Way?

How Will We Know the Way?
A Reading Guide for the New Testament

Exploring Pathways to God

Exploring Pathways to God
Christian Theology: Doctrines-Dogmas-Faith

Living Symbols, Living Faith

Living Symbols, Living Faith
Catholic Sacraments and Ministry

What Makes These Books Unique

  • The Left Coast® Monographs are not intended to be scholarly works—there are no footnotes. Throughout the text of each book there are, however, numerous references to the Bible; the Catechism of the Catholic Church; the official documents of the Ecumenical Councils; and, the writings of the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, and other authorities. All such references are identified within the body of the texts.
  • The five books in this series all follow the same presentation pattern and are designed for group discussion and instruction as well as personal reading and reference.
  • With the exception of How Will We Know the Way?, every chapter in each book ends with “Some Thoughts for Consideration and Further Study.” These thoughts include recommendations for further independent study and can also serve as topics for group discussions.
  • Together, the five books, used in concert with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible, comprise the core material needed to train new parish level catechists.
  • Each book contains a Bibliography and References section that lists related books, websites and other reference sources.
  • The books contain numerous outlines, tables, charts, indexes, glossaries, diagrams, etc. that not only enhance the readability of the books, but also are valuable additions that make these books ideal for future reference.
  • Each book ends with an Afterword. In this final chapter, the author summarizes key points presented in the book and provides his personal evaluation of issues that face the Church—no glib solutions are offered, rather the reader is encouraged to evaluate and form her own opinion on the material presented.

Further Information

The other sections of this website provide additional information on each of the five books, the author, and various links to related sources. All the books are available from Amazon.com (all the books have the “Look Inside Feature”) and BarnesandNoble.com. They can also be ordered through any bookstore in the United States.

Recent Projects

  • Internet Lecture Series–Catholic Church Milestones

    This will be series of 15 lectures, each approximately 30 minutes long, based on the monograph "Catholic Church Milestones." The series will be available early in 2015, on Catholic Internet Television Network (CITVN) and is produced by a Catholic Worker Movement community of homeless men and women for free distribution to 132,561 Catholic religious, educators, nonprofit directors and thought leaders located in 125 countries. CITVN is an exchange of gifts with the poor… CITVN is our gift to you! This lecture series will be located in the CITVN – Religion & Ethics section of their video library. If you are not already a member of CITVN you can join by going to http://catholic-itv.net. Membership is also free.

  • Interview–Roman Catholics and Lutherans Praying Together

    An interview with Rabbi Rami Shapiro of "Holy Rascals" on Unity Radio. The main topic was the monograph "How Will We Know the Way?" but the discussion also covered Mission of the Atonement parish where I am a Volunteer Lay Minister and Educator. You can listen to the archived program on Unity Online Radio site.

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